Catholic Schools In Chatham-Kent Get A Few Upgrades

( file photo by Aaron Hall)

Schools under the St. Clair Catholic District School Board have received some upgrades over the summer to become more accessible and energy efficient.

Director of Education Dan Parr says many of the improvements made are not ones that are immediately noticeable.

“We’ve done a lot of roofing, a lot of HVAC work, a lot of pluming – things that don’t really catch the eye,” says Parr.

He says although many of the projects will go unnoticed they were necessary for up keep.

“Every homeowner knows that if you put off the basic maintenance in the building then you’ve simply got a bigger bill to pay later on,” says Parr.

In an effort to save money in the long run Parr says some projects involved installing LED lights to become energy efficient.

“Every time we have the opportunity to do a needed maintenance task we look for the most affordable, and durable, and energy efficient way to replace what has outlived its usefulness,” says Parr.

However, there are a few big changes.

“In St. Vincent’s we’ve modified one of the female washrooms to make it accessible,” says Parr. “We [also] replaced an elevator at the Pines [Ursuline College Chatham].”

He adds, changes were made to quite a few of the washrooms at different schools in Chatham-Kent, and the Christ the King Catholic School in Wallaceburg received an upgrade to their main entry way.

Parr says the schools were already accessible to begin with but these new upgrades improve the accessibility to students that much more.

-With files from Jake Kislinsky.