Thinking Positive

Screenshot of Captain Positive and Opti Woman, from Captain Positive Episode 3: Turbine Trouble. September 6, 2016. Photo courtesy: Candlebox Productions/YouTube.

World Positivity Day is coming up quickly and the municipality of Chatham-Kent is planning a day full of events sure to brighten up your day.

Councillor Darrin Canniff is helping to organize several events, which will take place on on Tuesday, September 13. He says World Positivity Day is often overlooked.

“Realizing that all of us could use a little more positive thinking we thought, ‘let’s take this to a whole other level in Chatham-Kent,'” says Canniff. “That’s what we’re doing here, we’re going to be celebrating it big time.”

Hype over Positivity Day has been streaming in over social media – especially with the YouTube video’s featuring Captain Positive and Opti Woman.

Canniff says the colourful characters will be leading a tour around Chatham-Kent on Tuesday, starting at the Tim Hortons on St. Clair St.

“We’re going to start at 7am and we’re going to be going for 11 hours straight,” says Canniff. “We plan on stopping at about 15 to 20 different places in Chatham, and a number of places outside of Chatham.”

Some of the scheduled stops will be at local schools – one of which is will be at Ursuline College Chatham.

“We’ve got a pile of schools that would really love to have Captain Positive and Opti Woman visit,” says Canniff.

While at the school (and other locations), Canniff says they’ll be using a drone to take pictures and videos.

“In the end what we hope to do is we’ll have pictures and videos of over 10,000 people celebrating Positivity Day,” says Canniff. “[The video] would be shown that night at the [Capitol] Theatre, as well as we’re going to put a collage up in the public somewhere with all of the pictures.”

He says this is a day he wants to live on past September 13.

“We want people to start thinking more positive,” says Canniff.

So far, the idea of being positive has spread through local businesses. Canniff says there are about 100-200 businesses that are looking to take part in Positivity Day by either giving to charity or giving special recognition to their employees/customers.

The tour will be ending at the Capitol Theatre where Dr. Lalit Chawla will be giving a free presentation on the benefits of positive thinking. There will also be free food offered outside of the theatre.

“We didn’t want to put a price on positive thinking,” says Canniff.

Doors to the Capitol Theatre open at 5:30pm and the presentation starts at 6pm.

To view more about positivity day in the community click here. You can also watch episodes of Captain Positive below.