Door-To-Door Fire Safety (GALLERY)

Chatham-Kent firefighters discussing their plans during the post fire reassurance initiative. September 6, 2016. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

Chatham-Kent firefighters are going door-to-door as part of a new post-fire reassurance initiative.

Following a fire at an apartment complex on Timmins Cres. Monday night, C-K firefighters spoke with locals in the area to alleviate any of their concerns and to make sure those homes had the proper alarms.

Public Educator for C-K Fire Whitney Burk says the initiative is fairly new, but so far, it’s had a great response from locals.

“Anytime that there is a fire we like to go out into the surrounding community of where that fire took place,” says Burk. “It’s just a really good time to speak to the residents about having working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and also having home escape plans.”

One individual happy to see firefighters return to the area was Shawn Nead, owner of the apartment that experienced Monday night’s fire.

“I know some of the kids were a little nervous about what was going on [with last night’s fire],” says Nead. “Just to see that they (firefighters) would show up, back in the neighbourhood is a great thing.”

The firefighters spent about an hour speaking with residents and checking homes for working alarms.

Assistant Fire Chief Chris Case says most of the people they spoke with did have the proper equipment.

“It was nice to see that most people understood the dangers of fire and had a plan, but we have found one or two homes that didn’t have smoke alarms, didn’t have carbon monoxide alarms — and that’s a real issue,” says Chase. “In the event of a fire, they’re the things that are going to save your life.”

Firefighters were prepared, though, and had carbon monoxide detectors on hand to install them in those homes.

As a reminder, Burk says it’s necessary to have these alarms in your home.

“It is the law that you have a working smoke alarm on every level of your home and outside of bedrooms,” says Burk. “If you have a gas fire, appliances, an attached garage, or you are adjacent to a utility room you do have [to have] a working carbon monoxide alarm outside of all sleeping areas.”

For those who don’t or are unsure how safe their home is Burk says they are running a program called “CHIRP.”

“We’re offering free home fire safety checks for any resident who would like us to come and visit and just make sure their alarms are working,” says Burk. “The check takes about five or 10 minutes.”

CHIRP runs until October. If you’re interested in booking an at home fire safety check you can click here or call (519) 360-1998.