Sharing The Roads With School Buses

School Bus file photo by Simon Crouch.

With school starting up again Ontario Provincial Police are reminding drivers to remain cautious around school buses and keep an eye out for students crossing the road.

Police say whenever a school bus is stopped with its alternating red lights flashing drivers must stop, whether they are in front or behind the bus.

Keep in mind when stopping in front of a school bus leave enough space for children to cross the road. If approaching the bus from behind drivers must stop at least 20m away.

Drivers are not permitted to go until the flashing lights on the school bus are turned off.

Passing a school bus could result in a $490 fine and 6 demerit points. But an officer can issue a court summons for the offence – which means the fine could end up being $2,000.

Police are also reminding parents to educate their children on road safety.

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