On The Look-Out During Grassy 2 Rock

Marine units will be out in full force again today for the second Grassy 2 Rock festival of the summer on Lake St. Clair.

Saturday’s event will be taking place on the waters near Walpole Island.

Constable Jay Denorer says although Grassy 2 Rock is on First Nation territory, there are no additional regulations being put in place.

He says the rules will be the same as the ones they enforced during the Canada Day long weekend festival.

“We’re going to be monitoring the same things we look for on the land,” says Denorer. “If you’re going to be in your boat… just remember that as you’re out at Grassy have fun, but water levels are a little higher, so don’t take that for granted.”

Denorer says the OPP will have help in monitoring the area. Joining them both in the water and on land will be Chatham-Kent police, the Canadian Coast Guard, and US marine units.

In terms of drinking alcohol, Denorer says there are certain rules to follow.

“Your vessel has to have a sleeping area, it has to have a washroom on board, and it has to be anchored,” says Denorer. “If your vessel doesn’t have those things on board you’re not allowed to consume alcohol.”

He adds that walking around in the water while drinking alcohol is prohibited.

Denorer says there were no noteworthy incidents that happened during the last Grassy 2 Rock, so they’re looking forward to a safe and fun event Saturday.