Round Two For Grassy 2 Rock

Face 4 Radio rocks out during Grassy 2 Rock on Lake St. Clair. July 2, 2016. (Photo courtesy of Face 4 Radio via Facebook)

The second Grassy 2 Rock of the summer will get underway this Saturday.

One of the organizers is Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope. He says since the last festival during the Canada Day long weekend went so well he’s hoping this weekend’s event will also be deemed a success.

However, the event has received some critiques in regards to funds for the event. Hope says he wants to assure people that the money is not taken from tax payers dollars, the money is fundraised.

“This is a chance to promote our water, boater activity, life and styles,” says Hope. “The Lake St. Clair offers that perfect venue for us in order to do such a thing like this.”

He adds, the event acts as an economic generator for Chatham-Kent.

“Local grocery stores and different stores benefit from this activity,” says Hope. “We see a lot of people coming not only from Chatham-Kent but all around the lake [Lake St. Clair].”

This weekends festivities will be held on the lake near Walpole Island First Nation.

Hope says after sending a letter to the Chief of Walpole Island in July they received their blessing to host the event near the island. Adding, people should respect the area and not leave any trash behind.

With this being the second Grassy 2 Rock of the summer Hope says planning has been very time consuming.

“It’s been an eye opener to the amount of work that goes into it because there’s only about three of us that have been putting this on and putting this together,” says Hope.

It’s a bit of a change for Chatham-Kent to host two Grassy 2 Rock events in one year but Hope says he’s unsure if the event will run twice again next summer. It’s something that depends on the amount of money that is raised.

The event is weather permitting and although the forecast looks good, if it should change the event will be rescheduled to Sunday.

The concert begins at 12pm with four bands scheduled to play. To view the Facebook page for more details click here.