Representing Local Farmers

Waiting for voting instructions during the KFA regional meeting at Roesch Meats and More. August 30, 2016. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

The Kent Federation of Agriculture (KFA) has elected three Policy Advisory Councillors (PAC) to represent Chatham-Kent at this year’s Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) convention.

Following Tuesday night’s regional meeting KFA President Ron Faubert, Mary Anne Udvari and Bill Parks were elected as councillors.

They will attend the OFA convention in November where issues regarding natural gas, phosphorus levels in the lakes, local farming, and the high-speed internet system will be brought to the table.

Faubert says it’s an important opportunity to bring up the ongoing issues seen in the area.

“We bring a lot of good information back to our board based on the updates we get at the policy advisory meetings,” says Faubert.

As for being elected as a PAC, Faubert says he’s happy to fill the position, but was hoping a younger generation would step up for the position.

“I’ve been on the Policy Advisory Council for quite a few years now,” says Faubert. “I was hoping maybe some new blood would come forward because we’re always trying to encourage younger individuals to step up.”

Faubert made those comments after several people respectfully declined to be elected for the position — he stepped up as PAC because no one else would for Kent East.

Bill Parks was elected from Kent Northwest and he says he’s happy to do it.

“I think it’s a responsibility to take our message to the directors of OFA and do the best for the farmers in the Kent area,” says Parks. “I’m pleased to be with some of the young farmers here tonight to pick their brains and carry some good ideas.”

Mary Anne Udvari will represent the Southwest and says it’s an honour to represent Chatham-Kent at the convention.

“I’ve had an opportunity in the past to actually attend the conference and it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet farmers from all across Ontario,” says Udvari.

Joining the PAC are the elected delegates. There should be nine in total, however, not all of the slots were filled.

A motion was carried that the three vacant positions would be filled in the time leading up to the convention.

The delegates elected are Stan Brien, Adrian Jaques, Scott Killbride, Jay Cunningham, Ken Dawson, and Mark Huston.

The OFA convention is scheduled to take place November 21 and 22.

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