A Better Grocery Selection For Chatham’s West End

The Giant Tiger on Grand Ave. W. still in it's construction phase. August 29, 2016. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

Residents in Chatham’s west end will soon be able to get their groceries a little closer to home.

Giant Tiger, which is currently on Richmond St., is relocating to a larger location (almost twice the size) in the Thames Lea Plaza on Grand Ave. W.

Public Relations representative for Giant Tiger Caitlin Farnham says they will be offering a wide range of grocery products.

“We have a pretty large grocery selection,” says Farnham. “We offer everything from dry goods all the way to produce.”

She says the shelf products are mainly “Giant Value” (their house brand), which features a lot of gluten-free and nut-free products.

Although having groceries in Giant Tiger won’t be new for the business, the new location will allow¬†them to expand their selection.

“Our grocery section in our current Richmond St. location – for everything that has to do with groceries – is 1,843 sq ft,” says Farnham. “Our new location on Grand Ave. W. will feature a grocery section of 3,666 sq ft.”

Of course, because it is a Giant Tiger, the usual products will be there as well — but Farnham says customers will also have more choice at their new store.

“One of the reasons we wanted to relocate, was to be able to give our customers a better shopping experience,” says Farnham. “[It’ll] give us a bigger footprint to be able to accommodate all of the new exclusive [clothing] lines that have recently come in.”

Doors to the new Giant Tiger will open in just a couple of weeks.

Farnham says the grand opening will include plenty of free activities such as: face painting, entertainment, a meet and greet with Friendly the giant tiger, and a barbecue with proceeds going to Outreach for Hunger.

“There’s plenty of free activities for customers of all ages, including gift cards and promotional giveaways,” says Franham.

The grand opening is on September 17 with the speeches and ribbon cutting ceremony starting at 7:30am.

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