Donation Made To Help Policing In Chatham-Kent

Dave Bakker and Angie Shreve accepting an "EZ-Child/Senior Identification Kit" generously donated by Moose Lodge 1692, Chatham. Pictured left to right: Benny Turato, Jerry Ytsma, Angie Shreve, Govenor Bill Lyons, David Bakker. (Photo courtesy of Design39Media)

Thanks to a recent donation made by the Moose Lodge hotel, Chatham-Kent’s Crime Stoppers can use a finger printing kit to help policing in the community.

The equipment donated is called the “EZ Child ID Kit.”

Crime Stoppers coordinator David Bakker says basically this piece of equipment files all of the information about a child or senior citizen onto a usb flash drive.

“It will digitally record a child or a senior citizens finger prints, do a video recording of them, take still photographs of them, and will also do a recording of their voice,” says Bakker. “They can also load in additional information such as hair colour, height, weight, anything like that.”

Bakker says once that information is saved onto the usb flash drive, it is given to parents so that they can upload a picture every year to keep it up to date.

He adds it’s a difficult situation when a child is taken and parents are often distracted so this usb flash drive will eliminate any wasted time when searching for a missing child.

“In that time of stress and distraction the parent can just simply go to a drawer, take out a memory stick and say ‘here,'” says Bakker.

Crime Stoppers received the donation after filing an application to Moose Lodge.

“We hosted a finger printing clinic in May of this year and the OPP partnered with us and they attended with one of these machines,” says Bakker. “They mentioned that they were available through an application process to the Moose Lodge.”

Bakker says they’ll get a chance to use the machine at the next finger printing clinic on September 17 at Chatham Crysler.

Anyone looking for more information can visit the Chatham-Kent Crime Stoppers’ Facebook page or click here for their website.