Musical Ride Trots Into Dresden

RCMP Musical Ride in Ottawa, ON July 2013. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

After 36 years, the RCMP Musical Ride returns to Dresden.

The RCMP’s mounted police unit will put on their world renowned show Wednesday¬†at 7pm at the Dresden Raceway.

Sergeant Jeremy Dawson says the choreography consists of intricate figures and drills, which demand the utmost control, timing and coordination.

He says it’s performed by a full troop of 32 riders and their horses, and is about 28 minutes in length.

“The horses will be all dressed up in their full ceremonial tack. RCMP members will be fully dressed in their red serge, carrying their lances in their right hand,” he says, “and they’ll be doing a show that has a whole bunch of calvary drills and interesting music to go along with it.”

Dawson says it’s a three year commitment for the RCMP officers chosen to be a part of the musical ride.

“Once you put all those members through the drills and the training, and teach them about the ride and the history of the force, then they can put on a musical ride performance,” says Dawson.

He says they have their own breeding farm about an hour west of Ottawa, from which they select horses for the show.

“It’s not just any horse. The horse has to be the proper temperament that we’re looking for, the refined look with the hanoverian… majority of the body is black, there’s not too much white… and a height of 16 to about 17 hands high” Dawson says.

“The ones that don’t make the cut for the Musical Ride will be auctioned off every two years in Ottawa.”

The last time the Musical Ride was in Dresden was 1980, something Dawson attributes to a high demand for the Musical Ride to go to so many different communities.

Tickets will be available at the gates, which open at 4pm, with a BBQ and entertainment starting at 5pm. Money raised will go the Racing Against Drugs program.

The musical ride Starts at 7pm with a meet and greet after the performance.

Tickets are $10 for adults, children 5-12 are $2, and preschoolers are free.