Agri-Tour Of Chatham-Kent Wraps Up

Mayor Randy Hope speaking at the OFA dinner held at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre. August 23, 2016. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

Members of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture wrapped up their tour of Chatham-Kent with a dinner hosted by the mayor and a few other municipal councillors.

For the past few days, members of the OFA have toured the area, looking at various farms and processing facilities.

To cap off the tour, a dinner was held Tuesday night at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre.

Mayor Randy Hope also stood up to thank the OFA for coming to Chatham-Kent he also announced that all of the food provided for their meals had been grown in the area.

President of the Kent Federation of Agriculture Ron Faubert says it was a great experience to host the OFA and show them the agricultural community.

“The tour went extremely well,” says Faubert. “They’re very impressed with the various agricultural businesses that we toured.”

He says it was important to showcase the ingenuity of local farmers so the OFA directors can represent the municipality on issues such as infrastructure, natural gas, and regulation 440.

“We wanted to show that to the OFA directors so that when we have issues that need to be addressed with the government they are our spokesperson,” says Faubert.

He adds, based on feedback he received, members of the OFA were pleased with how well crops are doing.

“We’re currently growing 70 different crops in Chatham-Kent,” says Faubert.

However, Faubert says the KFA only recently became aware that there are a few more crops they can add to the list.

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