Motion For A Moratorium On Wind Farms

Wind farms near Wallaceburg, at the intersection of St. Clair Rd. and Heritage Line. July 19, 2016. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

Chatham-Kent Councillor Michael Bondy wants to put a stop to wind turbine construction in the area.

At least until he knows for certain that it’s not contaminating well water for local residents.

The construction of wind turbines has been a growing concern over the past few months. Although it has not been confirmed as the root cause, many within the community fear that wind farms are what’s causing damage to their water wells.

Bondy says he was made aware of the issue when the group Water Wells First started holding public protests in order to raise awareness of the issues that started in Dover township.

“I felt it was the municipality’s obligation to address the problem,” says Bondy.

He says the motion is not to stop the construction entirely but to put it on hold.

“Well water is absolutely necessary,” says Bondy. “In order to maintain well water we have to look at stopping the construction of these turbines until it is determined that well water can not be affected.”

Bondy says the municipality doesn’t have the authority to stop construction, but with the support of other councilors, they will be able to ask the province to pause the wind turbine project.

He says he has already spoken to several councilors on the matter, but doesn’t know how much support he’ll receive since council has already approved certain projects.

“Council did endorse the project [in North-Kent], so I’m asking council to effectively reverse its decision and say, ‘we do not endorse this project until such time that these safe guards can be assured,” says Bondy. “Because they haven’t been built yet [wind turbines], the problem can still be resolved, the problem can be prevented.”

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