CK Clear Of West Nile Virus

GDG Environment Project Supervisor holds a sample of mosquito larvae from Ojibway Park. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

Chatham-Kent is still West Nile-free as we move through the second half of summer.

Despite mosquito pools in Windsor and London both showing positive West Nile cases, recent Chatham-Kent tests have come up negative across the board.

While the summer has been a hot one, the overall lack of rain has made conditions less favourable for the virus to thrive.

But Chatham-Kent Public Health Inspector Cara Robinson says the recent rainfall in the region could quickly change that.

“Certainly the hotter the weather the more viral amplification we see, and the more likely we are to see positive mosquito pools,” says Robinson. “Again there’s that rain component that’s needed as well.”

A Standing Water Bylaw is also in effect for Chatham-Kent. Residents are asked to monitor and limit any standing water on their property.

Robinson adds they’ll continue testing for the West Nile virus at Chatham-Kent’s ten mosquito pools until mid-September, depending on weather conditions.

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