Millennials Should Be More Skeptical file photo

New research done by Better Business Bureau has found millennials to be more likely to get scammed than baby boomers.

CEO of BBB serving Western Ontario Deborah Brady says although everyone is susceptible to being scammed it’s the unawareness and lack of skepticism that young adults have that make them more likely to be taken advantage of.

“When they get a pop up message for something they think is a really good deal they click on it,” says Brady. “They don’t check the URL, they don’t read the fine print, they don’t take evasive action to make sure they’re not being scammed because they’re not expecting to be scammed.”

Brady says baby boomers are stereotyped to be the victims but they’re the ones who have experience on dealing with scams.

“Their scams most often are through door-to-door scams, or telephone scams and a few online scams but they have been brushing up on their skills and now how to spot a scam,” says Brady.

She says very few people report scams but by reporting them you’re helping prevent someone else from falling victim to it.

Brady says to report a scam people can call police but can also report the scam to BBB using their scam tracker.