Walpole Island Grandmothers Left In Tears

Walpole Island grandmothers praying at the Saint Clair River following the band council's decision to proceed with the Union Gas expansion. August 10, 2016. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

Several Walpole Island grandmothers wept as they learned their first nation’s band council has decided to go ahead with the expansion of natural gas in their community.

On Wednesday night, Walpole Island band council held a meeting at the library where they have decided to proceed with the Union Gas expansion on the First Nation near Wallaceburg.

After the announcement, a handful of grandmothers left the library crying.

Community grandmother Corrine Tooshkenig says all they can do now is pray.

“I’ve washed my hands of it, it’s their decision,” says Tooshkening.

The grandmothers stood in the water praying and splashing water on their faces.

Grandmother Marie Short says she is deeply saddened by councils decision.

“I can’t help but cry,” says Short. “All we can do now is sit back and watch…there’s nothing else we can do.”


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