Police Dog Tracks Accused Drug Trafficker

These drugs were seized on August 10, 2016 during a police investigation in Chatham. (Photo courtesy of Chatham-Kent police)

Chatham-Kent police say they had to call in a furry member of their force after a man fled from police on foot following a traffic stop.

Investigators say two men took off shortly after 8pm last night after an officer pulled over the vehicle they were in on Fourth St. in Chatham.

A suspect was taken into custody following a short foot chase, but police had to call in K9 Arry to find a second suspect.

Police say Arry was able to track the second suspect through some backyards while also locating some plastic bags with cocaine and methamphetamine that officers allege the suspect had thrown while he was running away.

After police arrested the second suspect, Arry also searched the vehicle that was pulled over, turning up even more cocaine and methamphetamine.

Officers say the drugs they seized are worth about $7,360 on the street.

A 30-year-old Chatham man and a 31-year-old Sarnia man are both facing drug-related charges.

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