Meteor Shower Peaks Early Friday Morning

Two Meteors cross the sky, ground light and silhouette of hill landscape. Perseid Annual Meteor Shower August. (© Can Stock Photo Inc. / JGobly)

As long as it’s not too cloudy Tuhrsday night, you should have a great chance to see one of the best meteor showers since 2004.

Sky watcher Gary Boyle says this year’s Perseid meteor shower should be the most eventful show of the last 12 years because Jupiter is at the perfect point in its rotation around the sun.

He says Jupiter is at a point in its orbit where it’s pulling the stream of debris that causes the meteor shower — squishing it more than it usually does.

“We usually see about 60-100 meteors that vaporize in the atmosphere,” says Boyle. “But this being the 12th year, we’re going to get a more dense cloud, which means numbers could be anywhere from 100 to 150 or even 200 [meteors] per hour.”

Boyle says the meteor shower will start at about 10pm, but the best time to watch the meteor shower will be when the moon sets — just after midnight.

“The moon will hide some of the fainter meteors so you won’t see the higher numbers,” says Boyle. “They could be coming in any and all directions — really it’s best to get to a wide open area with as much horizon as you can see.”

Even if you miss the show tonight, though, you’ll still have a chance to see it for a few more days. Boyle says the entire meteor shower will last until August 20.

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