Water Wells First Branching Out

Advocates for Water Wells First attend Otter Creek Wind Farm public meeting at Baldoon Golf and Country Club. Calvin Simmons (left) and Bernard Simmons (right). July 19, 2016. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

An advocate group called Water Wells First is branching out past Dover township to spread the word on the possible effects wind farms pose to water wells.

Officials with the group attended public meeting that was held at the Baldoon Golf and Country Club Tuesday evening to discuss the Otter Creek Wind farm project.

Water Wells First member Calvin Simmons says he wanted to speak to some of the residents who would be affected by the wind turbines.

“We’re more here to support the locals,” says Simmons. “Hopefully they understand that there could be a potential problem with their wells too.”

For those in Dover township dealing with undrinkable water the issue has yet to be resolved.

Spokesperson Kevin Jakubec says they continue to demand the resignation of Environment and Climate Change Minister, Glen Murray after the ministry suggested they use bottled water if the well water is dirty.

Since then, Jakubec says he has filed a notice of appeal for an environmental appeal tribunal.

“We’ll go through that tribunal process now and we’ll address some of the issues that are in the REA (Renewable Energy Approval) permit,” says Jakubec.

He says the area where the Otter Creek Wind farms could be installed are at risk of vibration damage from pile driving activities and could very well see the same thing Dover is.