University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus researcher Doug Young discusses plant root structure on a test plot tour at the campus. (Photo by Simon Crouch)

Plants Handling Drought Damage

Dry weather across much of Ontario last month has left farmers worried about their crops.

But while a researcher at the Ridgetown Campus of the University of Guelph agrees it has been very dry, he says crops are still in reasonably good shape.

Doug Young says it is likely because they got off to a good start this year.

“It’s amazing how the plants can compensate for dry conditions and I think what’s going on, the roots, because it was dry were able to go deep and collect any water they can find,” he says.

Young is also hoping that if there is some rain soon there won’t be much crop damage.

“We’re okay¬†for crops, the corn that isn’t starting to tassel and flower we are definitely okay if it has started to tassel and flower we should be okay but it all depends on how far along they are,” he says. “Beans should recover quite nicely, and tomatoes, well they kind of like it dry.”