Kevin Jakubec compares the types of sand found in a Dover well. June 29, 2016 (Photo by Natalia Vega)

Progress For ‘Water Wells First’

One step forward for the Ontario Ground Water Association’s (OGWA) initiative “Well Water First.”

Following their public protest last week in Dover, spokesperson for OGWA Kevin Jakubec says they have received a lot of feedback from the community.

On Thursday, they were given the local wind project’s Renewable Energy Approval (REA) permit from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. He says they are in the process of reviewing the document but already have some concerns in terms of compensation relating to wells not providing clean water.

“We’re not really sure that the solution that has been put forward is going to work,” says Jakubec. “As it stands now in that document they’re only offering bottled water and that’s going to be a bit of a problem.”

He says they have 15 days to review the document before they have to make any final decisions.

The OGWA says they’re looking to bring awareness to the installation and running of wind turbines. Jakubec says the vibrations from pile driving and activity from the wind turbines are causing turbulent water.

He adds the issues of cloudy and murky water were first brought up three years ago in Dover.

“It affects a lot of people in the county and a lot of properties that are out here,” says Jakubec. “It’s very important that we protect our ground water and we protect the safety of our people that are relying on ground water.”

North Kent Councillor Leon LeClair says he didn’t know about the residents in rural areas being affected by turbulent water until he saw the signs and a published story.

“When the report comes to council for discussion I will be asking questions and doing some follow up,” says LeClair. “They have the right to their water so if these windmills are going to be hurting this policy than somebody needs to be looking at making this right for them.”

LeClair says there will be a public meeting on July 19 at Baldoon Golf and Country Club for the Otter Creek Wind Project. This is where community members can ask questions or voice concerns on this topic.