Signs put up to raise awareness on water conditions. June. 29. (Photo by Natalia Vega)

Well Water Conditions Brought Into Question

In the Dover area a small group of people gathered in a protest to raise awareness of contaminated well water.

Spokesperson for the Ontario Ground Water Association (OGWA), Kevin Jakubec says during the construction of the wind turbines the ground vibrates due to pile driving. Those vibrations have the potential to contaminate their water.¬†Which is why their signs read “Well Water First.”

He says although they are in favour of renewable energy, their water should be a first priority.

“It’s important that with vibration impacts, seismic coupled from an operating wind farm or with a pile driver that’s being used to put in a pile tight foundation that there’s precautions put in place,” says Jakubec.

He says that residents in the community should have their water tested for contaminants such as radon, turbidity, salts and metals.

Executive Director of OGWA, Craig Stainton says questions were raised when the aquifers in the area changed.

“It was quite possible and highly probable that the pilings and the vibrations were in fact causing the turbidity in the water,” says Stainton.

This protest was the first step the OGWA has taken in raising awareness.

Jakubec says the municipality knows of the situation but is unaware of what action, if any, they will take.