Police Extend Partnership With St. Clair College

The lobby at St. Clair College's Thames Campus, August 28, 2013 (Photo by Ashton Patis)

Chatham-Kent police are continuing their relationship with St. Clair College, and saving some money in the process.

They’ve renewed a deal with the college’s Thames Campus to use a number of their facilities. The college will continue to house the Chatham-Kent Police Service Training and Community Mobilization Units.

Police started posting up at the Thames Campus in 2014, with the service paying $27,500 annually to the college. Starting this year, the CKPS will only be paying $16,750 a year for the office space.

“We sat down, and there were certain areas and facilities they were providing us, that we just didn’t need,” says Police Chief Gary Conn. “They have as much of a vested interest in wanting to keep us there as we do wanting to be there.”

Conn adds the partnership is important for current and future CK officers.

“There are so many possible recruits. Students who are taking law enforcement and police foundations. It gives them an opportunity to network with our officers, and vice-versa,” says Conn.

The police chief adds they’ve also saved another $5,000 through a Proceeds of Crime Grant, which is being used to set up CK’s new assistant fire chief at the college as well.