OSPCA: Seized Dogs In Good Care

Protesters opposing a dog euthanasia application by the OSPCA gather outside the Chatham courthouse March 18, 2016. (Photo by Mike James)

The Ontario SPCA is refuting any suggestion the dogs seized from an alleged dog-fighting ring in Tilbury aren’t being cared for properly.

Toronto lawyer John Nunziata representing the group Dog Tales, which hopes to house the dogs, told BlackburnNews.com on Wednesday there was “some concern that they’re still not all alive.”

OSPCA Senior Inspector Jennifer Bluhm takes exception to any characterization of the dogs being dead.

“We’re in regular consultation with veterinarians who come in to assess the dogs,” says Bluhm. “We also have trained staff who are providing daily care.”

Bluhm rejects any suggestions the OSPCA is acting improperly in caring for the seized dogs.

“The SPCA’s first responsibility is rehabilitation, but we must always look out for the safety of the community and the animals themselves,” says Bluhm. “I think to characterize these dogs as everyday house pets is irresponsible.”

The seized dogs are still in the care of the OSPCA and are being housed at an undisclosed location while the court case surrounding the dogs resumes.

The OSPCA has assessed all the dogs and has applied to have some put down while others would go to new homes.