Citizen Helps Struggling Officer Tackle Blenheim Teen

Chatham-Kent police car, Nov. 3, 2015 (Photo courtesy CK Police)

Chatham-Kent police are searching for a man who helped an officer tackle a rogue dirtbiker in Blenheim.

Around 2:15pm on May 7 an officer on general patrol spotted two young men on dirtbikes who failed to stop for a stop sign on Sandy St. at Charles St.

The officer noticed the pair almost hit a passing vehicle, so he tried to initiate a traffic stop. One of the men attempted to flee then ended up falling from his bike. When he tried to hop back on, the officer tackled him but he resisted. A person in the area saw the officer struggling with the dirtbiker and helped the officer with the arrest.

The 19-year-old faces charges of dangerous driving, flight from police and resisting arrest. His dirtbike was towed from the road.

The arresting officer did not get the name of the person who came to the officer’s aid or a chance to say thank you. Anyone with information is asked to contact police or CrimeStoppers.