Mayor Cleared By OPP In Capitol Theatre Deal

CK Mayor Randy Hope outside the Chatham courthouse, Oct. 18, 2013. (Photo by Ashton Patis)

The OPP’s Anti-Rackets Branch has cleared Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope of any wrongdoing in the St. Clair College Capitol Theatre Annex deal.

Local police contacted the OPP in 2013 after allegations of wrongdoing in the deal surfaced.

It had been alleged by some that Mayor Randy Hope, with the support of council, voted to grant St. Clair College some cash to buy the Annex.

The Annex, at the time, was owned by a company Mayor Hope’s daughter worked for.

Former Mayoral Candidate Ian McLarty had launched a civil suit against Hope alleging a conflict of interest, but the judge also cleared Hope of any wrongdoing.

Chatham-Kent police now say the OPP have closed their investigation.

“It was determined that there was no criminality involved and as a result, no further action is warranted by the OPP,” CKPS officials say in a news release.

More to come.