OSPCA Fights For Euthanasia In Dog Fighting Case

Animal rights protesters outside the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Chatham on March 18, 2016. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

The Ontario SPCA will be in a Chatham court today to fight for the right to put down 21 dogs seized in an alleged Tilbury dog fighting ring.

The dogs were taken into OSPCA care last October when authorities broke up what was believed to be a for-profit dog fighting business.

The organization says the dogs have been deemed unfit for rehabilitation by an outside party.

All of the dogs seized in the investigation are pit-bulls, which are banned in Ontario.

However, many are still calling for the transfer to a rescue organization called Dog Tales in King City, north of Toronto.

Protesters rallied outside the Chatham courthouse the last time the case was before a judge, on March 18. Some claim the OSCPA is treating the animals cruelly, but the organization has refuted that in statements made to BlackburnNews.com.

During the last court appearance, the judge had put the case over until today, April 18, for further disclosure.

It remains to be seen if a decision will be made today or if the dogs will remain in the care of the OSPCA as the case makes its way through the courts.

BlackburnNews.com Reporter Simon Crouch will be at the Chatham courthouse today. You can follow along with the proceedings by clicking here.