Chatham's Bloomfield Business Park. file photo.

Council To Hear About Chatham-Kent’s Industrial Status

Sierra Planning consultants have spent the last year looking at Chatham-Kent’s current industrial resources, and how to maximize their growth going forward.

The Industrial Employment Community Improvement Plan sees Chatham’s bread and butter as the mostly undeveloped Bloomfield Business Park, because of its close proximity to the 401. They suggest making the Bloomfield Business Park more visible and accessible going forward. They highlight areas around the Thames River as options for small and medium-sized industrial growth.

Sierra Planning has also noted recent struggles in the manufacturing sector, with 715 jobs lost over the past five years. But they add some sub-sectors, like auto parts and electrical equipment manufacturing, are seeing growth and could present future opportunities.

They add the municipality is mainly home to small business, and that’s likely to continue with only 17 of its 268 businesses having more than 100 employees.