Hope Says Communities Need Jumpstart

Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope at police headquarters, July 23, 2015. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

Chatham-Kent’s mayor is open to the federal government running a deficit, if it’s focused in the right area.

With the unveiling of the Trudeau government’s first budget, Randy Hope would like to see funding for infrastructure and the environment. He adds municipalities could use a “jumpstart,” and a well-planned deficit could accomplish that.

“You can only do so many cuts,” says Hope. “We need injections to support businesses, both small and big, we need injections to support the municipal tax dollars.”

While Chatham-Kent consistently fights an ongoing battle with infrastructure, Hope says CK is a leader in environmental sustainability. He believes the new budget should reward the municipality accordingly.

“Just look at the amount of wind turbines and solar initiatives, biogas and other things we’re doing. We’re asking that there be compensation for those initiatives,” says Hope.

The 2016 Federal budget will be introduced Tuesday afternoon.