CK Chief Supports Photo Radar

Chatham-Kent Police Chief Gary Conn. (Blackburn News file photo)

The idea of bringing back photo radar to increase safety, save on policing costs, and generate revenue, has the support of Gary Conn.

Chatham-Kent’s police chief says targeting speeding hot spots with a front line officer ties up valuable resources.

“That works for a short time, not permanently, but for a short period,” says Conn. “With photo radar it would be more permanent right, because it’s not like we’re only going to be there periodically, we’re now there 24/7 365 (days).”

Conn would also hope that some revenue generated from the use of technology would go back into the police service for other investigative initiatives, like their digital forensic unit that tackles electronic crimes, like child exploitation.

Toronto mayor John Tory floated the idea last week as a way to save on policing costs and increase revenue, and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne hasn’t dismissed the idea.