Chatham Man Wins Honda Civic

Kortney Merilees displays his winning cup. (Photo provided by Kortney Merilees)

A Chatham man has won big in Tim Horton’s annual Roll Up The Rim To Win contest.

Kortney Merilees says a trip to the Park Ave. E location for a large coffee on Super Bowl Sunday paid off.

“I rolled it up and I [saw that] it’s a win,” says Merilees. “And I [saw] a ‘C’ so I was like ‘please don’t be a cookie.’ I was hoping for a coffee at least. I looked up and I was like ‘no way,’ looked at it again, rubbed my eyes, looked at it again, rubbed my eyes, looked at it, and it said Civic and I started running around my living room and my kitchen and my dog was biting at me.”

The 35-year-old married father of two says he wants to keep the vehicle while his wife isn’t so sure. Merilees says Honda Canada has informed him he’ll receive the prize in the next four to six weeks.

Tim Horton’s is giving away 38 Honda Civics in Canada during the contest.