Concern Over OSPCA’s Lack Of Transparency

Stock photo of chained pit bull. (Photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo Inc. / lastingimages)

A pit bull rescue group is annoyed with what they’re calling a lack of transparency from the OSPCA.

Bullies In Need founder Veronica Hamilton says they want a chance to assess 21 dogs the OSPCA has applied to have euthanized, which were part of an alleged dog fighting ring in Tilbury.

“We’re prepared to come in and look at these dogs, secure placement for these dogs, secure foster homes for these dogs, and we’re not saying these 21 (dogs) are going to pass,” says Hamilton. “But we’re saying that a handful of them can’t, we just want fairness.” Hamilton says perhaps the OSPCA is taking the easy way out by filing the application to put the dogs down.

Bullies In Need was established in 2005 when Ontario’s pit bull ban was adopted.

A date for the euthanization application to be heard will be set March 10th.