Dog Group Wants Its Own Assessment

(File photo courtesy of Wonka123 via morgueFile)

A planned intervention to an application to euthanize 21 dogs being held by the OSPCA won’t wait until the next scheduled court date.

Elizabeth Quinto the lawyer for the pit bull protection group Bullies In Need plans to file an application in court this week or next.

She says the application is asking the court to allow the group to carry out an assessment on the animals.

“We have the resources and the network to rescue all 21 if they have a positive assessment, what we essentially want is to get in there (and) do a fair assessment of these dogs,” she says. “It is a reputable rescue organization that the OSPCA has used in the past to transport pit bulls outside of the province.”

The dogs were seized during an investigation into an alleged dog fighting operation in Chatham-Kent and the SPCA now says irreconcilable behavioural issues mean they should be put down.

That application is expected to go before the court March 10.