UPDATE: Major Storm Coming

BlackburnNews.com file photo of Wyandotte St. at Devonshire Rd. in Windsor.

A major storm system is expected to hit the region later in the week.

Environment Canada predicts rain, significant snow with the possibility of freezing rain in some areas in Chatham-Kent and Windsor-Essex.   Severe weather specialist Geoff Coulson says the system stems from low pressure developing over the southern U.S.

“That system is forecast to track northeast,” said Coulson. It will influence the weather across the midwestern U.S., southern Ontario, a good portion of Quebec and New England as well.”

Coulson said the location of the heaviest snow and areas at risk of freezing rain is preliminary but this is definitely a significant weather system.

“We’ll see a messy mix of rain and snow starting on Wednesday morning,” said Coulson. “That will likely go over to straight snow by Wednesday night into Thursday morning, and then have some lingering snow during the day on Thursday itself.”

Depending on the track of the storm, local snow totals could vary but Coulson said it is possible the area could see a total of 15 to 20 centimetres on the ground by Thursday afternoon.

The incoming storm comes on the heels of a record breaking weekend for the region. On Saturday Windsor’s high of 17 C (63 F) broke the 1983 record, while Chatham’s high of 15 C (59 F) shattered the record from 1994.

A special weather statement has been issued for Chatham-Kent and Windsor-Essex.