Denied Funding, Major Infrastructure Project Waits

The Lakeshore water tower. (Photo courtesy of the Town of Lakeshore)

The Town of Lakeshore will have to hold off on two major infrastructure projects, including rehabilitating its waste water treatment plant in Stoney Point, because the province won’t fund them.

Town officials applied for $7.3-million under the New Building Canada Fund, about a third of the $25.7-million cost.

Manager of Communications and Strategic Initiatives, Rita Chappell-Arsenault says a letter from the province suggests Lakeshore was denied because its population is too well off and town finances are in good order.

“This is how they worded it: economic conditions and fiscal situations were assessed using a combination of total weighted property assessment per household, median household income, average of net financial assets per household and average residential property taxes, user fees and services charges.”

Arsenault says the town hasn’t given up.

“We’re still going to continue to apply and hope for the best,” she says. “For a town such as Lakeshore, I mean, a $25-million project, it’s almost like an annual budget item, and it’s an awful lot of money for a municipality of our size.”

The town was also denied $1-million in funding to replace a water main on Elmstead Rd. near Pike Creek Rd.