Local Skin And Kidney Cancer Rates Above Provincial Rates

A researcher at the University of Windsor explores cancer tissue cells displayed on a screen through a microscope. (Photo by Mike James)

Residents that live in the Erie St. Clair LHIN region have much higher rates of skin and kidney cancer than the rest of Ontario.

In an effort to battle that trend, the two cancers have been added to a confidential, government website, that allows Ontarians to determine their personal risk factors.

Dr. John Day is Regional Care Lead for the local LHIN, and says the website also provides information on how people can lower their risk and get help.

“If you did the risk assessment tool and said, ‘Now that I have this information I absolutely want to quit smoking,’ the links to help you quit smoking are actually going to be available to you because they’re based out of Ontario,” says Day. “As opposed to maybe a site from the U.S. where their information wouldn’t be as relevant.”

Day says they haven’t been able to explain the higher than usual incidents of skin and kidney cancer in the region.

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