Cutting Council Travel, Conference Expenses

Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope at police headquarters, July 23, 2015. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

Chatham-Kent council is slashing $17,000 from its conference and mileage allowance as part of budget cuts.

In addition to the cut, Mayor Randy Hope would also like to see travel and conference cash pooled into one pot, instead of each councilor receiving an equal amount to use at their discretion.

“A lot of it dealt with mileage, but if we do this pooling system, your mileage will actually elevate because you’ll have more participation of travel that will be required,” says Hope. “So meanwhile, you could have lots of money for conferences, but you’ve got no money to get there.” That pooling of conference and mileage allowance would have to be further discussed and approved by council.

After three nights of deliberations the proposed tax increase sits at 3.44%. Budget deliberations resume tonight at the Civic Centre.