Indoor Training Facility Wanted In Chatham

The Chatham-Kent Cougars play the North Halton Crimson Tide on June 27, 2015 (Photo by Mike James)

A local football organization wants to establish an indoor training facility in Chatham.

Chatham-Kent Cougars President Sel Jordan says the community has great athletes that deserve an indoor field.

“We’d be able to play multiple sports there like lacrosse, soccer, football obviously, baseball,” says Jordan. “And we would be able to bring our community together and have a place for players to go, youth to go.”

Jordan says the idea would be to lease and retrofit a vacant building. He adds that vacant schools and arenas would be an ideal fit.

The Cougars organization has made an offer on multiple commercial buildings but Jordan says they weren’t able to come to a financial agreement that worked for both sides.

Jordan figures they’re a year or two away from the plan becoming reality.