Syrian Family Settling Nicely In Chatham

(File photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo Inc. / lucidwaters)

It’s been just over a month since the first Syrian refugee family settled in Chatham, and officials say they’re adjusting very well.

Sister Eleanor Gleeson is the spokesperson for the family. She says the family feels embraced by the community.

“The neighbours, people that they meet when they go grocery shopping, or when we took the children to get shoes for school, every place that we’ve been with them they’ve been extremely welcomed and it holds Chatham up in a very good light,” says Gleeson. She adds that the parents are taking an adult language english class and the father is anxious to be more independent , get his license, and get a job.

As for the children, Sister Eleanor says the five kids enjoyed the recent snowfall. She says the oldest boy, who’s 15, is shadowing students at CKSS and will officially start second semester shortly, while the three other school aged children are enrolled at Gregory Drive Public School.