An LED streetlight (right) sits next to a standard HPS streetlight outside of Windsor City Hall on August 4, 2015. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

CK Moves Money For LED Lights

Chatham-Kent staff hope to shine the light on an energy-saving investment come budget time.

Council has agreed to allocate nearly $2.5 million for potential LED residential lighting. The money is coming from the Council Strategic Directives Reserve ($643,524) and the Closed Session Reserve ($1,850,000).

CK could be the latest in a growing list of municipalities to flip the switch to LED streetlights. Councillor and Budget Chair Derek Robertson says the energy-conscious streetlamps are expected to pay themselves off over five years.

“It’s very much in the same way we would make the switch in our own homes to more efficient lighting. Municipalities are doing the same as technology changes and improves.”

Robertson adds the decision follows CK’s policy of paying for one-time expenses with one-time funds.

“We’re not taking a look of having to increase tax base to achieve this result. Rather, we’re investing in ourselves with our own money to gain returns.”

Council will discuss and debate the investment decision during budget deliberations.