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Students Without Vaccines Face Suspension

Chatham-Kent public health officials are reminding parents to update their children’s immunization info, otherwise their children could face suspension from school.

The Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit says just under 250 students were suspended in 2015 for not having up-to-date vaccination info. That’s 166 elementary students and 80 high school students.

While it is possible students haven’t gottent a vaccine, Registered nurse Brett Goudreau says the majority of these students have their shots up to date, but haven’t documented them to the CKPHU.

“We just want to remind all the parents to report all shots to us at public health. A lot of parents don’t realize that the doctor or nurse practitioner’s offices don’t report the shots to us. It’s the parents’ and students’ responsibility.”

Goudreau adds parents have up to one year after a shot is due before the health unit issues a suspension notice. All CK students who were suspended in 2015 have since resolved their vaccinations and returned to school.

Earlier this month, Ottawa Public Health sent suspension notices to 900 students for not having updated vaccination documentation. In total 1800 students have been suspended in the Ottawa area.

To notify the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit of a vaccination, click here.