Picture of unknown individual seemingly trespassing on construction site in downtown Chatham. (Photo submitted to BlackburnNews.com)

Police Concerned About Condo Pics

Chatham-Kent police are now investigating after a series of pictures taken at the top of a condo construction site in downtown Chatham.

The pictures show someone, possibly several different people at the top of the partially finished King St. building some of them on a large construction crane and others with legs dangling over the edge.

They were sent to BlackburnNews.com via Facebook with the message that an individual had “stumbled across them.”

Police Constable Renee Cowell says police are concerned about the pictures.

“We certainly do not encourage or support their actions, those in the photos are not only engaged in dangerous behaviour but also committed the criminal offence of trespassing,” she says. “We are currently trying to identify the people depicted in the photos to warn them of their risky and illegal behaviour.”

She says police haven’t had any reports of thefts but had been told last week that young people had reportedly been hanging out in the structure after hours.