Salvation Army Behind Fundraising Schedule

The Salvation Army's Kettle Campaign. (Photo courtesy The Salvation Army)

CK Salvation Army officials say their kettle campaign has raised a third of their $450,000.

But with two weeks left until Christmas, they’re worried about running out of time to reach their objective. Community Ministries Director Stephanie Watkinson hopes their biggest push for donations is coming soon.

“We were hoping to be a little bit closer to 50% of our goal. With not a lot of time left until Christmas Eve there’s not a lot of time. But we’re hoping the shortfall will come quickly.”

Last year the Salvation Army extended its campaign through January to get closer to their goal. Community Ministries Director Stephanie Watkinson isn’t sure if they’ll need to do the same this year.

“I think we’ll fall to the same amount as last year. I don’t know if we’ll reach our goal this year but I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised as donations come in.”

Watkinson adds they’re still looking for volunteers to help collect donations at their many kettle locations.