Church Group Moves On After Vandalism

Members of the Eben-Ezer Canadian Reform Church youth group stand at their vandalized Pro LIfe display on Longwoods Rd., December 7, 2015 (Photo by Jake Kislinsky)

Broken crosses lay in pieces beside a stretch of Longwoods Rd., after unknown vandals all but destroyed a Pro-Life display created by Chatham’s Ebenezer Canadian Reform Church.

The church’s youth group erected 1,000 white crosses on the stretch of land. Each cross represents 100 abortions, totaling an estimated 100,000 of the procedures performed in Canada each year. The church’s youth group surveys the scene of trampled and broken crosses, but are looking at the bright side of the situation.

“Breaking our display doesn’t change what every cross is worth,” says member Brooklyn Bergsma. “We’ve received more coverage from it being vandalized than originally, so they’ve actually pretty much helped us.”

The group is making an appeal for other residents to help them put the crosses back up on Saturday December 12. Leader Diane Bergsma says they’ll also be collecting food and baby supplies in support of Outreach For Hunger.

“Yes we feel very strongly about the Pro Life issue. But at the same time we feel just as strong about coming alongside people who are in trouble and might need our help.”

The group will start cleaning up the display Saturday at 1pm. Chatham-Kent police continue to investigate the act of vandalism.