Train crossing sign. (Photo courtesy of ©

Municipality Fixing Bothwell-Area Train Crossings

Work is underway near Bothwell to improve a couple of problem intersections.

Chatham-Kent Director of Public Works Miguel Pelletier says the municipality is realigning the intersections at Jane Rd. and Zone 6 Rd. along Fairfield Line.

“If you’re in that area and you need to cross the railway, you’re only going to require to have one crossing which reduces the risk for collisions,” says Pelletier. “Better visibility for the motorist and better visibility for the train.”

A third project on Side Line brings the total of the three jobs to $526,722  but the municipality is only paying $87,813 of that bill. The rest is being picked up by Transport Canada and the railway companies.

“In this case, Transport Canada is paying for part of the work. The railway is paying for part of it and the municipality is paying for part of it,” says Pelletier, adding the municipality is addressing a number of similar intersections over safety concerns.

The municipality is getting a further $60,000 in grants from Transport Canada which will help to offset the $73,000 the municipality spent to buy the land in order for the road improvement projects to move forward.

Birnam Excavating is handling the work and is expected to complete the projects sometime in December.

Earlier this month, a 78-year-old Newbury man was killed when his truck was hit by a train crossing Euphemia Line near Bothwell in Lambton County.