Thames Lea Severance Offers Flexibility

The Target signage is removed after the store closed on March 22, 2015. (Photo by Matt Weverink)

The decision to separate the former Chatham Target location from the rest of the Thames Lea Plaza is all about keeping options open.

That from Brad-Lea Meadows Ltd. President Dean Bradley, who says they’re still trying to attract a major retailer to the currently empty space. Bradley adds severing the building from the rest of the plaza lets them augment the space to anyone’s needs.

“It allows us to say subdivide that space. Or, if we have a national retailer interested in the full box, who wanted to consider options besides lease-to-purchase, we want to be in a position to accomodate that.”

Bradley says Target’s departure from Canada left a gaping hole in plazas across the country. As a result, Chatham is one of about 130 locations vying to attract a major retailer.

“They all have their own criteria in site selection and what they’re looking at. Grocery is one that we have been vigorously trying to pursue, without success, even before Target’s departure.”

Chatham-Kent’s Committee of Adjustments approved the severence last week. There’s now a 20-day appeal period for the property on Grand Ave. W.