Superior Court of Justice, Windsor. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

Safety Recommendations Follow Construction Death

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour is receiving six recommendations after an inquest into the death of a 73-year-old Lakeshore construction worker.

The Superior Court jury is advising that random safety inspections of construction projects should be increased and that employees need to show proof of recent safety training. They also want to see working-at-heights safety awareness training at high schools, as well as improved regulations surrounding the storage of unsafe equipment. And finally, annual or bi-annual medical checks for those working at heights and more rules surrounding employers being notified when an employee shows up for work.

Lawyer for the family of Elie Seremach, Colleen Caza, says it can take a while for recommendations to be adopted.

“My discussions with the representative of the Ministry of Labour has satisfied me that they’ve already started trying to implement some of these recommendations. So I’m hopeful that this will be that extra push needed.”

Seremach fell from scaffolding on a construction site in Lakeshore back in 2014.

Caza says the family was very pleased with the recommendations given by the jury, and the inquest has given them a bit more closure in Seremach’s death.