Mega-Hospital Reinforces Lauzon Expansion

The study area of the Lauzon Parkway Environmental Screening Report. (Photo from

The extension of Lauzon Parkway to Hwy. 3 is top of mind once again as the new mega-hospital site is revealed.

It was the expected industrial and residential growth that prompted officials to start planning the expansion of Lauzon at County Rd. 42 back in 2005.

County engineer Tom Bateman says an environmental assessment has since been approved. “The environmental assessment did contain a preliminary design, which identified the lane widths and the corridor,” he says. “So really it’s a move into detailed design and then land acquisition.”

Bateman says the Lauzon expansion is still in its very early stages and timelines for the start of construction haven’t been established. “I think as the timelines of the hospital become a little clearer, there may be some need to move that project forward,” he says.

The project cost is expected to be in the hundreds of millions, Bateman adds.