Lakeshore Manufacturer Expanding Locally

Essex County Warden Tom Bain delivers his 5th annual address at the Ciociaro Club in Windsor, March 13, 2015. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

After months of negotiations with Can Art Aluminum Extrusion Inc., new manufacturing jobs are coming to the Town of Lakeshore.

Mayor Tom Bain says the auto parts maker already has a location just off Patillo Rd., but will be expanding to 200,000 sq. ft., and adding 100 new jobs.  “They had opportunities to go to Michigan or go to Ohio.  So it was a matter of meeting with them and meeting a lot of their conditions and getting them to stay here in Canada.”

One of the main conditions, according to Bain, was keeping development charges low.

The town passed a two-year 100% commercial and industrial DC charge increase at last night’s meeting, but the charges will not change for Can Art or any business currently negotiating with the town. Residential development charges will go up 3% next year.