Toters Could Cut Off Crows

A Progressive Waste Solutions garbage toter (right) stands beside a standard garbage pail. March 15, 2015. (Photo by Matt Weverink)

Chatham-Kent residents could start seeing their new blue garbage toters as soon as next month.

Manager of Waste and Recycling Services Rick Kucera says officials at Progressive Waste Solutions told municipal officials this week that the new toters should start rolling out in mid-July, months before crows typically begin to descend on the municipality.

“If the majority of people commence using a toter cart, the food source for the crow population we see every fall and winter will be greatly reduced,” says Kucera. “Obviously there are many benefits to the cart system from efficiencies, safety, and the tidiness of the community.”

Every residential property that receives curbside collection will receive the toters.