Deer Busts Through Tim Hortons Window (GALLERY)

Damages after deer crashes through Tim Hortons window in downtown Chatham, June 11, 2015. (Photo courtesy of Murray Holland)

A deer apparently crashed through a window at the Tim Hortons in downtown Chatham.

Murray Holland, who was sitting in the donut shop around 8am this morning, tells he heard a loud bang.

“I looked up and glass all over the place. And I didn’t see anything for a few seconds and all of a sudden, up come around the corner was a deer heading right straight for the exit door and some guy opened up the door and let the deer out,” says Holland. “And one gentleman was sitting right next to the window that busted and right now the ambulance and the police are here, and the ambulance is taking care of the guy and checking him out.”

Holland says the deer took off toward the Chatham Capital Theatre.